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Digital Footprint Audit

How vulnerable are you? What is your Identity Risk?

Find out with a Footprint Audit from Obscure. We'll audit your digital presence and identify who has access to your data.

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Minimize your workforce's online exposure to protect your critical assets

Obscure Fortress

The personal data your employees willingly share online might seem harmless. But for cybercriminals, it's a treasure trove. Names, interests, connections – these data points become tools to break through your defenses, often without complex technical hacks.

You can't defend against threats you don't see. Take control and expose the hidden risks to your organization with an Obscure Insight assessment.

Reclaim Your Online Privacy with a Digital Footprint Wipe

Obscure Footprint

Protect yourself from identity theft and targeted attacks with our advanced digital footprint removal.

Our service doesn't simply offer basic deletions. We utilize proprietary DeepDelete technology to disrupt tracking and significantly reduce your online exposure.

  • Comprehensive Removal: Eradicate your presence from up to a 1000 data brokers.
  • Deep Cleaning: Our methods go 5x deeper than standard deletion services, reducing the risk of your data resurfacing.
  • Proactive Protection: Combat data harvesting and reduce your attractiveness to hackers and scammers.

Take control of your online presence!

Why Trust Obscure?

Your privacy is paramount. We make sure it stays that way.

We harness cutting-edge technology to make you truly obscure. Unlike mass-market data deletion services, our focus is comprehensive protection, not just quick fixes.

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